Your Feedback Is Important To Me


Working with someone like you makes my business freakin awesome. I think your story will help so many other women so I would like to ask you for your help by sharing a few words about your experience with My Body Beautiful. This would help future clients learn how they can benefit from working with me :)

To help you get started, I’ve included a few questions, but please feel free to write whatever you would like and email [email protected] your answers.

  1. What prompted you to seek my help? What situation or problem did you need to solve?
  2. How did you benefit from working with Sarah and My BB,
  3. What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work with Sarah and My BB?
  4. Describe why you feel that working with Sarah and My BB was successful.
  5. In the future, what type of person would most benefit from taking part in My BB?
  6. If a potential client was on the fence about whether to part in My BB or not, what would you say to them?

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if there’s anything further I can do for you.